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Environmental Engineering

Today’s Environmental laws require that prospective owners and lending institutions conduct an appropriate investigation of properties to determine its past use, previous owners, and any associated environmental liabilities that may exist.  Geoscience has both the staff and the capabilities to provide Phase I and Phase II Environmental Assessments.

Our Basic Services Include:

  • * Document Search and Analysis
  • * Communication with Appropriate  
  • * Regulatory Agencies
  • * On-Site Investigations & Interviews
  • * Aerial Photo review
  • * Technical Reports

Construction Materials

Our Construction Materials Testing Group offers the services of a well-trained and experienced staff of certified technicians, inspectors and professional engineers backed by a fully equipped and A2LA accredited CMT laboratory facility. This group provides quality control and inspection services for the construction portion of a project to determine material conformance to project specifications.

Our services often involve testing and evaluation of materials and construction procedures to be used on a specific project. These services are to determine the quality of the materials placed on the project during the construction process. The evaluation of the physical and engineering properties of materials used on a project can have a direct effect on the short and long term performance of a structure with public safety being of the paramount importance of the material assessment process.

We also offer engineering advice on how to develop and/or inspect construction procedures or to determine the cause of any material failure in the field. Quality Assurance and Quality Control during the construction phases of any project, has become increasingly important during recent years. Construction materials testing and inspection provide the documented evidence needed to certify that the construction materials used meet the standards specified by the design team.

* Materials Engineering 

* Materials Evaluation Concrete Design

* Specifications Review Quality

*Assurance/Quality Control Non-Destructive

* Testing Torque Testing Steel & Welding

*Inspection Pipe

* Inspection Expert Testimony

Geotechnical Engineering

Civil projects are often highly complex and must meet increasingly rigid building code requirements. Virtually every structure regardless of size requires some type ofgeotechnical engineering service to evaluate subsurface conditions that are unique to that particular project site.

We have a fully equipped geotechnical laboratory staffed by experienced technicians and engineers that enable us to quickly and efficiently analyze the geotechnical field samples to determine their properties. Our Geotechnical Engineers carefully review and interpret this laboratory test data to formulate the foundation and construction recommendations.

  • Geotechnical Engineering *
  • * Foundation Recommendations
  • * Geological Studies
  • * Soil Stabilization
  • * Geotechnical Testing
  • * Landfill Studies
  • * Slope Stability Design
  • * Construction Monitoring
  • * Forensic Studies
  • * Dams/Embankment

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